Help Children Like Felix










Look at those beautiful eyes.

If you look at them long enough, you might not see the tubing in little Felix’s nose. That’s the only hint that something isn’t quite right. Yet shortly after his birth, Felix’s parents received the devastating news that there was something very wrong with their precious little boy.

What you can’t see is the eight months that Felix spent in isolation after his birth. You can’t see the worry that his parents felt, wondering when they would get to take him home and start a “normal” life…wondering if their daughter would ever have the chance to get to know her little brother.


Because of people like YOU, who believe all children deserve access to vital medical care and treatments, JACC was able to help Felix’s family with the cost of prescribed special formula crucial to his development.  It’s not covered by health insurance and beyond what the family could afford.

“We are grateful for the incredible generosity of Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity and its donors. Your generous donations helped provide for our family while Ben stayed with us at the hospital, so we didn’t have to worry about finances on top of the stress of having a medically-fragile child. Your donations helped by make it financially feasible to have our daughter brought to us every weekend.

We are eternally grateful and inspired by the potential for human compassion and generosity that we experienced over this last year. Thank you for being a part of Felix’s miraculous story. – Felix’s Mom

Felix is just one of approximately 1000 children who reach out to JACC for help each year.

Please consider a donation today, to let families know that they are not alone. Your support, no matter the size, means the world them. Click here to send your gift today.

Please send your generous gift today to let these families know you stand with them.  A gift from you will help ease the burden of families who have exhausted every avenue possible to help their sick child.  YOU have an opportunity to help them when they have nowhere else to turn. YOU can be the hand that holds the door open for them when all others have shut. You can be a ray of sunshine in their darkest hour.