Celebrating the Volunteer Spirit: Part 2



There is no better word than “amazing” to describe our volunteers. They give their time to helping us plan events (from fun decor idea discussions to carrying heavy boxes full of silent auction items), sharing their expertise as a Board member and offering assistance in the office with big projects.

On GivingTuesday, we thank them for all that they do for JACC and to make this world a better place.

“You don’t know what curve ball life will through you. So far, I’ve been fortune and am very grateful that I have the time to give back. I choose to help where I think people need it most. I’ve chosen JACC. It could very well be me in some of our families shoes.

The children going through these experiences are so brave and I can only imagine as a parent myself how their parents, try to cope with the illness and then the already huge struggles of daily life. JACC can be a small life line for these families, who need it at such a desperate time in their lives. I know my volunteering helps in some small way and can make that life line go a bit farther. Of course I have made wonderful friendships through JACC. Being a smaller charity, it’s like an extended family. It’s nice to feel needed and get satisfaction from what you do. I get that from being apart of JACC.”   Sarah

“I have been volunteering with the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity for 4 years now, and there is no other group of people I would rather spend my time with. JACC is a family made up of dedicated individuals who have nothing but love and support for others. They continue to touch the lives of everyone they meet, sharing their almost 30-year journey.

I have learned the importance of giving back and how something seemingly small to me can have a lasting impact on others. The Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity holds a special place in my heart because I know I have developed a relationship with not only the volunteers and employees, but with families that return every year in need of that extra love and support that JACC can provide them.”   – Rachel

“When we are given opportunities in life that allow us to assist others, we grow, we prosper as people, and hopefully we make others’ lives a little better. I was fortunate in my life to have wonderful models for assisting others from my parents and a very supportive family. I benefited from their example and coupled with skills from a successful career, spent the last 27 years as an active volunteer.

The Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity is a grass roots Children’s charity that ‘s worthy of my support and volunteer time. We take pride in our efforts to make life a little easier for families who are experiencing tough times. Find a cause you can be passionate about for your financial support and/or volunteer time. JACC is an easy choice.”  – Sandy 

“We have been volunteering with your charity for the last past five years, and we have had nothing more than an amazing experience,  we couldn’t tell you enough how much we have valued these past five years, partnering aside with you. JACC has always been a charity near and dear to our hearts.  

When we were first introduced to your charity, hearing Jennifer Ashleigh story was really what pulled us in. After hearing her story, we knew this was an organization we had to be a part of, we knew how important this charity was, when fund-raising we would often share Jennifer’s Story, and stories like hers.” – Emma & Jordan

“Volunteering for me has been a life changing experience.  In the past 20+ years I have done volunteer work for several different charities and each one has affected my life differently and positively.  I have been educated and made aware of the difficulties and challenges that so many people face.  Giving time and assistance to the elderly, the homeless, people who have newly emmigrated to our city and in the case of JACC, families whose lives have been affected by having to care for their child who has become ill.

Having become a husband and a father with 2 children of my own working with JACC has given me perspective and an appreciation for how lucky I am for the blessings I have received in my life.  I have met unbelieveable children through the years who never cease to amaze me with their positive attitudes and their unwavering spirit.  Parents and siblings of these children whose love, support and tireless work allow these children to live “full” lives.

I also have had the privilege to work along side some incredible people, some of whom I know will be life long friends of mine, over the last 20+ years who have devoted their lives to making sure these special families are looked after and supported.

It’s no longer a matter of volunteering because I “want” to.  I now volunteer because I “need” to.  My life has been enriched in so many ways because of these experiences, I could not imagine my life without the opportunities that volunteering has brought to me.” – Mike

“JACC is an incredible organization to support families who are going through the hardest time in their lives – raising 2 healthy boys and now a healthy grandchild I really understand and appreciate how lucky my family is! Unfortunately not all families are that lucky and it is important to support an organization that strives to make their lives easier.

Although, it feels like there is never enough time in the day, making time to volunteer is necessary in order to fulfill my desire to give back to the community!” – Maureen