Your support assists seriously ill children and their families with special treatment needs, medical expenses and financial assistance in times of need. You help parents stay close to their sick child during trying times, and ease their financial burdens so they can focus on their child.



Stephanie is a beautiful 4-year-old girl who has faced unimaginable obstacles in her short time on this Earth. Stephanie battles a Congenital Cardiac Defect, the road has been a long and emotional one for her and her family.

Children like Stephanie need your support.

With the help of caring supporters like you, Stephanie’s family received help with rent and the cost of transportation to hospital appointments. Thank you for providing crucial support for this deserving family, and reminding them that they are not alone.

Consider becoming a Monthly Donor and give an incredible gift to families like Stephanie’s. A monthly gift means there is sustaining support to help families when they get the shock of a life time and have no idea what the future holds.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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