Gobble, Gobble

Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, sweater weather, or pumpkin spice everything that you took notice of, autumn is coming.  With the dropping temperature and falling leaves comes a warmer time of year for the Jenn
ifer Ashleigh family.  Our favourite holiday is quickly approaching!

Thanksgiving is a time to join family, eat turkey, and most of all, to be thankful. When I think of the stock-photo-51114264-happy-thanksgivingthings I am thankful for I think of my family, my friends, the opportunities I have had in life and all of the things that I have never gone without. I have been so blessed to always have a home, a family, and food on the table atevery meal. I am thankful for meeting the wonderful families, donors and staff at Jennifer Ashleigh and I feel more than blessed to be part of another family. Anyone and everyone who is connected to the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity is part of a journey. This journey is dedicated to sending love and support to those who need it. Whether it be the families we support, the donors who make it possible, or your own family. Please take the time this holiday to recognize the love and support that is put out into the world unconditionally. Wishing you and everyone around you a safe and happy holiday!