Nooha is a Brave Girl…

When Nooha celebrated her 9th birthday, she wanted to give her birthday money to a child who was battling cancer.

Not a friend, a complete stranger. That is the kind of heart she has.

Less than a year later Nooha’s Mom never would have imagined that her daughter would be battling cancer herself.

Nooha is fighting brain cancer, and her single Mom is facing any parent’s worst nightmare.

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Nooha’s Mom had no choice but to leave her job so that she could be by her daughter’s side. Can you imagine the financial toll this has taken?

Because of people like YOU, Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity was able to help Nooha’s Mom with the cost of going back and forth to Nooha’s treatments, as well as nutritious groceries to put on their table.

This holiday season, YOU can be the hero for so many families who are going through the unimaginable.

A few dollars goes a very long way:

$25 Will provide transportation to medical appointments
$75 Will provide 5 hours of respite for a child who requires around the clock care
$150 Will provide accommodation for parents to be near their child while receiving treatment
$500 Will keep a roof over a family’s head for one more month

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Also, you can ask your employer if they have a matching gifts program which would quadruple your gift!