Please review these items before starting your application

  • The need for financial assistance must result from extraordinary costs which are incurred directly as a result of the child’s illness or disability.
  • The child must be diagnosed with a serious illness or permanent disability by a Canadian Medical Practitioner.
  • The child must be 18 years of age or younger.
  • The child and parent or guardian must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant and be a permanent resident of Ontario. Refugee/Convention refugee status does not qualify.
  • The family’s combined gross household income must be $65,000 or less. Exception to income will only be considered if there is more than one child with special needs in the family.
  • The family must have used up all other financial resources available to them. These include:
    • Government funding;
    • Funding from service agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • If you own more than one property or home you are not eligible for assistance.
  • Do not send your application without the required medical and financial documents. It will not be processed.
  • The Application for Financial Assistance must be submitted and approved before the item or service is purchased or received. If the application is approved and an invoice is received with the date of purchase before the approval date, then the funding will not be granted.
  • JACC pays registered therapists, respite workers and organizations directly. We do not reimburse parents.
  • All bills or receipts submitted must be in the child or parent or guardian’s name.
  • Funding approval is valid for the time frame indicated in our approval letter. Please read your letters carefully.
  • Gifting policies may be changed by JACC at any time without notice. JACC’s ability to fund eligible applications depends on the availability of funds.

do you have questions?

A completed application does not guarantee our assistance. Please download the PDF and read the eligibility requirements carefully before applying or calling. Please visit our frequently asked questions page.
Application FAQs