Help JACC & a Local Food Bank!

July 1, 2020 @ 11 00:am

We just received a generous donation of rice!
Yes, you read that correctly, RICE…the food!

So for the month of JULY, let’s spread some LOVE!

You now have a unique opportunity to support a food bank close to YOUR heart in either Toronto, York or Durham Region AND support our JACC children and families through your donation.

·    A $50 donation will send 10 bags of rice
·    A $100 donation will send 25 bags of rice
·    A $500 donation will send 200 bags of rice

Click Here to Deliver my Rice to a Local Food Bank!

You also have the option of picking up the rice from our office location and taking it to your charity of choice. Please call 905-852-1799 x21 to arrange pick up.

A WIN, WIN, for everyone! Food to the food banks and much needed support to our JACC families, especially during these trying times!

Spread some Love Today to some JACC families and your local food bank!