Avery lives with both Down Syndrome and an Atrioventricular Septal Defect (a congenital heart defect).

At just 4 months old, Avery had to undergo his first open heart surgery. Just a week later, because of complications, he had to under go another heart surgery. His parents lived at the hospital for an entire month straight during this. It was very hard on the whole family. Thanks to the support of donors like YOU, his family received assistance with funding towards hotel accommodations so they could stay close by during this stressful time.

More recently, one of Avery’s biggest developmental delays is his speech. He requires regular speech therapy, but this is a cost his family could not afford. Thanks to the help of JACC donors, Avery has been able to get the Speech Therapy he needed to communicate with his parents and peers. 

His mom wrote:

“A year ago, Avery had limited words and sounds, but today he has achieved several goals. His communication skills have improved and he can better communicate with us, his parents, and his teachers and peers. And he’s not done yet, he still has much to learn! We cannot thank this wonderful charity enough for the support they have provided. It is charities like this that help make things that feel impossible, possible!”