Mya’s face in this photo says it all. She is one tough cookie!

Two years ago, she took a hard fall on her side, and in the months afterwards, while playing baseball, her FAVOURITE sport in the world, Mya’s pain kept coming back.

Last year, this beautiful, smart and spunky 11-year-old girl was given the heartbreaking news that she had a rare form of cancer.

After 5 rounds of chemotherapy

and a 14 hour surgery, Mya had to make the best of life while she laid in a hospital bed for four long months recovering.

Despite the challenges that life threw at her, Mya managed to keep a smile on her face (with a little help from her Mom, brother and a Snapchat filter or two…)

Mya’s Mom Melissa (below) is a single parent raising two children, all while dealing with her own diagnosis of Lupus.

THANK YOU  to our donors for helping this family with the cost of transportation to Mya’s many hospital visits, as well as nutritious groceries during her long battle.

“Thank you so much for your compassion and care during such an emotional time.” ~ Mya’s mom