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One of our Monthly Donors describes why he gives,

“I find that knowing my donation is coming out automatically makes my life easy,  JACC can budget more effectively because they have a certain amount of donations coming in each month. Knowing that the funds used are managed so well and make such a big impact is reason enough to make that monthly commitment. I challenge you to do the same”

$7/Month: Could provide required Physiotherapy or Speech Therapy for a seriously ill child

$15/Month: Could purchase much needed medication for a child who has no medical coverage

$25/Month: Could provide transportation to & from the hospital or pay for much needed respite care

$50/Month: Could keep a roof over a child’s head as the family struggles to make rent due to medical costs

You decide in what capacity you would like to donate each month and at the end of the year, we’ll send you a tax receipt for your total contribution over the year. It’s that easy.

Simply complete the form below to process your gift via credit card or if you prefer to set up an electronic funds transfer from your bank account, please download this form and mail it to us along with a void cheque.

Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity | 10800 Concession 5 | Uxbridge, ON  L9P 1R1

For more information regarding monthly giving, please contact Allison Currie at

905-852-1799 ext 30 or at

To process a one time gift, please click here.